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A small but stable and growing fragrance manufacturer had reached a point in their businesses life where the IT needs of the company were demanding attention.  The company had 15 workstations, 3 servers and 20 users.   With no real support to speak of, there were 3 people including the office manager and a sales rep with some light IT knowledge spending valuable time handling the IT related questions.  There was no real inventory of systems or process in place to ensure PC’s and servers were up to date and safe. The goal was to provide reasonably priced IT support and free up internal non-IT staff so that they may focus their time and energy towards their actual jobs.



CSI recognized that a high level full time IT person would be cost prohibitive in a company this size. At the same time, the needs of the company were great in supporting their e-mail system, contact management, file and print, anti-virus, server updates, client VPN and much more. CSI quickly realized the level of need and proposed a Managed Services Solution specifically designed for small businesses. This comprehensive solution included 24x7 help desk support, patch management, server monitoring, integrated anti-virus, remote support amongst many other service and support items intended to maintain uptime and reliability.  Taking it a step further, CSI, understanding the needs of small businesses, included an off-site automatic backup and data recovery solution which monitored and backed up critical data of the business in real-time.  These backups occurred on both the PC’s and servers ensuring business data was recoverable in the event of a catastrophe.



The company realized the benefit of CSI’s solution day one.  The internal non-IT staff gained valuable hours back focusing on their core competencies, not wasting time supporting other users.  The company went from limited support & unstable systems to ‘Fortune 500’ style IT which included 24x7 monitoring and help desk support that was only a phone call away.   Employees with issues no longer had to wait in line for an answer that may never come or may not be correct.  PC’s and servers were secure, backed up and completely up to date, instilling a level of faith and confidence in thesystems that had never been there before. The owner of the business was very happy with the outcome. “When you think of IT support, you think you are going to have to hire one or two people to support your business. That means vacations, sick days, benefits and ‘typical’ HR issues. With this solution, we are paying a fraction of the cost of a single full time employee and getting the equivalent of an IT department” he said.



CSI’s Managed IT Services brought a new level of support and security to the small yet growing company:
• ‘Gave back’ valuable time of 3 non-IT staff who no longer had to support fellow co-workers

• Introduced 24x7 help desk support, monitoring and maintenance to instill a level of confidence in IT that previously did not exist

• Off-site real time back and recovery of the PC’s and servers



Prior to implementing CSI’s Managed IT Services, the businesses IT support was not fit to handle the challenges users faced on a daily basis.  After engaging CSI, the company soon realized the benefit of an outsourced solution as non-IT staff was able to focus on their job function instead of splitting time with supporting other users. 


Through this solution, users at the business now had help desk available 24x7 as well as critical file backup and recovery. 


The businesses new ‘IT Department’ was now available 24x7, introducing a level of confidence in technology previously unseen at the company. 


About CSI’s Managed IT Services:

CSI’s Managed IT Services brings a flexible and scalable solution to companies of virtually any size. The CSI solution allows companies to focus on their core objectives by relieving the stress and burden of everyday IT functions and support.

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Small Company Adds an IT Department 'Overnight'