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One of the first concerns of the new CIO of a rapidly growing, privately held pharmaceutical company with sales approaching $340M was the significant IT expenditure in the organization.  The company’s IT spend was more than double the industry standard for similar organizations in the pharmaceutical industry and the CIO had to get valid, usable data to determine not just where, but also how effectively this money was being spent.  The goal was not only to look for ways to reduce the overall IT expenditure, but also to enable the company’s IT function to fully support the business going forward.





















Utilizing IT 360, CSI performed an extensive assessment of the current IT processes investigating all components and every aspect of the IT operation from security and data integrity to monitoring systems and staffing.  This in-depth look at the company’s business processes allowed for a complete assessment of their environment and business unit/system support operations.



Following the investigation, CSI prepared a comprehensive report including a quantitative "scorecard” that graded each of the assessed IT elements.  Three levels of assessment were evaluated for each IT element:

  • Alignment of Technology to Business Requirements
  • Alignment of Performance to Industry Best Practice
  • Alignment of IT Support to Business User Requirements


The  assessment identified many opportunities within the client’s IT group for cost reduction and increased productivity in the areas of vendor selection, system maintenance, staffing , consulting utilization and redundant or inappropriate systems that did not work toward meeting the client’s short and long term business objectives.


“Even though we managed our IT well, we realized there may be opportunities to reduce cost while getting better results. IT 360 got us to where we needed to be. One of the best features was the Incentive Credit CSI offered toward work we would have done anyway. This made the ROI a no-brainer”, said the CIO.



IT 360 uncovered tremendous opportunities for cost savings and increased productivity throughout the IT group that included:

  • Decreased IT spend by 50%
  • Increased system up-time from 60% to over 95%
  • Increased IT support to business drivers
  • Increased staff efficiencies
  • Reduced spending on outside consultants
  • Greater confidence in the IT group and its value to the organization



Prior to implementing IT 360, the client had a paper based, manual sales reporting system that generated 100+ page reports for their sales force.  After IT 360, the company switched to online tracking of sales utilizing a CRM system for better measurement and management of sales activity. 


Through virtualization, the client was able to reduce their physical servers from over 150 to 30, reducing space requirements and environmental & maintenance costs. 


Staff appropriation was now easy to modify, offering a more flexible approach to meet evolving IT skill set requirements. 


About IT 360:

IT 360 is CSI’s proven, time tested methodology for an efficient but thorough expert 3rd party IT assessment providing a view of a company’s “State of IT”, helping  plan for the future to support ongoing business requirements.

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