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A global pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with headquarters in Asia and a main office in the US recently acquired a leading liquid generic and specialty dermatology company with sales revenue of over $50 million, headquartered in the US.   The acquiring company wanted to fast track the benefits of the acquisition and now needed to support sales of more than 50 products, more than double the number of products they were currently selling.  The buyer also needed to quickly blend the sales and marketing efforts of two separate locations.  Each company had their own IT department, their own processes and procedures, systems, hardware and staff.  The acquiring organization was unable to provide adequate support for the IT demands of the new entity.




















CSI performed an assessment of the information technology systems, processes and staff of the newly acquired company, looking to identify the high level synergy opportunities between the two organizations.  In addition, CSI provided a full inventory of the systems, processes and operations of the company being acquired to identify areas of overlap, redundancy, consolidation and integration.  The goal was to increase productivity and responsiveness of IT while reducing costs, making sure the resulting technology fully supported the business requirements of the new organization. 
CSI’s assessment covered 15 critical areas of the acquired company’s IT operation from Monitoring/Warning Systems, Relational Databases, Data Center Operations, Server Environment & Enterprise Applications to Data Backup Systems, Telephone Systems, IT Contracts/License Agreements and Help Desk including Desktop Support/PC Workstations.



The vendor neutral approach used in CSI’s 3rd party, independent technology assessment identified not only many areas for consolidation and integration, but also unused and underperforming technologies that were costing the company needless dollars on an ongoing basis.  CSI delivered a comprehensive report that provided a full system inventory that formed the basis of full integration planning as the two companies moved forward.  Short term opportunities for significant cost savings and efficiencies were also identified.



CSI’s implementation of the IT 360 process not only identified IT redundancies that would occur when the two companies were brought together but also uncovered unused technologies and unnecessary or poorly chosen systems that were underperforming and not delivering needed results.  

  • Reduction of maintenance agreement expenses as unused systems not adding value to the business were eliminated
  • Renegotiation of service contracts for ongoing systems resulting in cost savings  
  • IT expenditure was reduced as overlapping and redundant systems were identified 
  • Better response from IT for sales and marketing efforts
  • Migration to SAP for systems to align with the global organization’s standard



Help Desk operations were coordinated and expanded to provide much needed customer service as the portfolio of products
increased.  Prior to the assessment, the Help Desk function was random and often fell short of customer needs.  


Poorly performing staff were identified and retrained by CSI.  The IT staff became lean, more flexible and more responsive to the needs of the new enterprise.


About IT 360:

IT 360 is the premier product for integration planning for corporate mergers and acquisitions providing increased efficiencies and cost savings when integrating business functions or entities.  IT 360 provides an in-depth look at multiple organizations’ IT infrastructures mapping them to business goals and objectives when integrating two organizations.

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