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For many solo medical practitioners, going from a one office, one doctor practice to a larger, more complex organization over time is a natural and desired progression.  This was the case with an ophthalmology practice that began with one doctor and now employs three full time ophthalmologists plus medical and office support staff.  Their IT needs were initially met with one server and several workstations which were not always up to the demands of the increased activity of the practice.  The system experienced failures and downtime more than could be tolerated. Another issue troubling the practice was the staff often used the system on company time for exploring the Internet and other unrelated business activities. This contributed to workstation issues and failures. Having outgrown their system and physical space, the doctors decided that a new building and a totally new IT infrastructure was needed to keep pace with their growth.  The plan was to upgrade the IT capabilities while the facility was being built and then transition to the new building once it was ready for occupancy.  The challenge was to plan and stage the changes to keep everything running during both the initial IT transition and the actual physical move.



CSI examined the business needs and processes of the practice and mapped out the IT needs to include flexible and agile systems, solutions, and technologies that would support the growth of the practice.  They built and implemented a full Windows infrastructure and recommended replacing outdated hardware and software with business best practice solutions.  CSI recognized that the practice needed communications and mobile capabilities that provided remote access and serious security.  They also planned for the new facility to be a wireless building to support business grade systems for ease of communications as well as business continuity.  CSI aligned the total IT infrastructure with the practice’s business requirements that also left room for growth and specialization.



The practice has grown tremendously and the systems put in place by CSI are still being utilized today.  An upgraded Windows infrastructure was put in place two years ago without any interruption to the business.  CSI also provides total managed IT services for the practice that includes round-the-clock monitoring, backup and recovery, management of desktops, servers, networks and security as well as on-site support when needed.  The practice benefits from an infrastructure that is rock solid, reliable, ready for growth and ready to meet the Electronic Medical Records requirements mandated for medical service providers.



CSI was able to upgrade and improve all aspects of the practice’s IT operations. CSI improved system and staff performance by implementing: 

  • Remote access and support
  • Wireless access throughout facility
  • Consistent data backup
  • State-of-the-art communications system
  • Increased system up-time
  • Enhanced security
  • Business technology
  • Greater confidence in the IT systems and its value to the organization



Before relying on CSI to provide managed IT services, the practice suffered from outages at inopportune times.  They had minimal technical expertise on staff to troubleshoot when problems arose and were often at the mercy of their network – when it went down, so did productivity.


CSI provides ongoing support and maintenance to make sure that downtime, lost data or other IT problems are kept to a minimum with the least possible disruption to the business.  They provide support for all of the IT needs of the practice as well as recommending upgrades or system enhancements that will allow the business to remain as productive as possible.


About CSI:

CSI utilizes a team of highly trained specialists and strategic partners to provide IT services and solutions for leveraging your IT investment, regardless of size.  CSI works with companies of all sizes to develop the best IT solutions for your unique needs and also offers complete managed IT services.

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