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Hackers have been targeting “top executives” at large pharmaceutical and healthcare companies with targeted attacks in an attempt to gain insider information to play the stock market.

Hackers known as FIN4 have been observed collecting information from nearly 100 publicly traded companies or the firms that advise them.  Their focus has been on the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.  Researchers claim to have evidence that the FIN4 group as been collecting information that would give them a clear trading advantage.  Targeted companies have been identified as having potential mergers or large deals in negotiation, according to research from security firm FireEye.

Rather than using a mass deployment approach of distributing malware to a large number of potential targets, FIN4 uses targeted engineering methods to create infected documents.  The group may hack into email accounts and insert malicious code or links to it in legitimate existing email conversations in order to give them more credibility and make it more likely that the user will click on it.

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Hackers target 'top pharmaceutical executives' to gain trading advantage

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