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IT 360 is ideal for:

  • Companies planning to or in the process of data center consolidation and/or merger/acquisition proceedings where 3rd party assessment can benefit all parties.
  • Businesses without a CIO or defined IT leadership or those having just made a change in IT leadership.
  • Organizations or CIOs that need to cut IT budget without sacrificing productivity.
  • CIO’s looking for the IT Department to be more of a “value-add” organization.
  • CEOs or CFOs interested in optimizing their IT investment and aligning more closely with business objectives.
  • Companies in tough regulatory and compliance environments without the required IT processes/controls or expertise in place.
  • Companies needing a blueprint for their IT system, software, personnel, etc. 

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Product Benefits:

  • Improved support and responsiveness when making system changes needed to improve or match changing business processes.
  • Increased efficiencies and cost savings when integrating other business functions or entities.
  • Compliance assurance providing peace of mind.
  • Business continuity assurance for both mission critical and other systems.
  • Minimize corporate and personal liability exposure.
  • Comprehensive IT systems/process inventory including cost analysis.

The IT 360 “Wheel” is the foundation for the assessment, measuring 15 high level areas against the 7 critical IT key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

CSI’s IT 360 provides a 3rd party, independent, complete technology assessment which takes an in-depth look at your company’s business processes, initiatives, objectives and key performance indicators to produce an itemized scorecard allowing you to align your IT system and critical business processes along with expected and unexpected changes while continuing to focus on meeting business goals and objectives.


IT 360 benchmarks your company’s actual results against other companies with similar size/industry characteristics as well as industry best practices.  Assessment results identify opportunity to lower IT costs in a variety of areas while giving you the ability to do more with fixed or reduced budgets in areas of:

  • Vendor Selection
  • Personnel
  • Maintenance
  • Redundant or Inappropriate Systems

IT 360 gives you the ability to do more within fixed or reduced budgets, without sacrificing or jeopardizing important business initiatives or objectives.

IT 360

CSI’s President and Chief Technology Officer were featured in an Interview discussing how Technology and the Business should be aligned for better results. – watch the brief clip here:

Itemized Scorecard:

The IT 360 scorecard investigates 15 sectors within your IT system and rates/ranks each area for performance against 7 critical KPI’s including, Data Integrity, Scalability, Business Enablement, Security, Cost Evaluation, Best Practice, Disaster Recovery.


CSI’s IT 360 provides your organization with the peace of mind that can only result from independent industry and Subject Matter Expert (SME) professional assessment for your firm’s current compliance, efficiency, business objective alignment, competitive position and future system capability.  CSI’s industry knowledge and expertise with the latest and most innovative technical development will enable you to apply and implement appropriate and best practice technology to maximize your company’s performance and productivity.

Our vendor neutral approach means “no axe to grind” when integrating two organizations or making vendor/supplier recommendations.