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Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies

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Pharmaceutical expertise CSI has more than a decade of experience working at many of the companies in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. CSI has delivered various technology projects at US startups that are bootstrapping themselves into operation and at large and medium size organizations that have a global footprint.   Example projects include identifying, managing and global implementation of corporate wide systems such as Electronic Quality Management Systems, ERP Systems, LIMS, Contracts and Chargebacks Systems and many more.  The company thoroughly understands the business and cultural requirements these pharmaceutical companies have and what they expect when they contract for services with organizations like yours.


Security - CSI has 18 years of experience protecting and guarding corporate information.  We understand the growing concern over malware and virus threats as well as protecting your most important asset - your information and data!  We have helped hundreds of companies, small and large in size, assess, remediate and maintain a secure computing and data environment ensuring that your information is protected and available only to those authorized to view it. Click here to learn more...

Mergers/Acquisitions/Divestitures – Auditing Services – Identify Synergies – Contract Terms Review, Identify Redundant Services – People / Systems / Applications, Merge email / Networks and other critical systems, Integration Services – Applications / SOP’s / Processes

Project Management –  Our project managers do not just manage projects, but assist in all phases of the project. Beginning with the defining of business requirements all the way through to the training and deployment. They can assist in the complete RFP process and will always remain vendor neutral.


Infrastructure Design and Support – We provide infrastructure design and deployment as well as managed services for IT infrastructure.  Other services include active directory design, messaging and collaboration, database design & analysis, ERM, ERP and support services, business application analysis, implementation and support services as well as system validation and process management.


Disaster Recovery planning and implementation – We provide Disaster Recovery planning and implementation services to insure that your information is guarded against various disasters and that it is recoverable and accessible in the event of a disaster.


CSI Managed IT Services24 hours a day 7 days a week Computer Help Desk, remote and onsite support, monitoring of critical systems, offsite backup. We support PC’s, MAC’s, Ipads, Android, Windows, etc.  Click here to learn more...


IT 360Helping IT align with Business Goals.  Total Assessment and Security Analysis Services including People, Processes and Systems.  Utilizing IT 360, CSI performs and extensive assessment of the current IT processes investigating all components and every aspect of the IT operation from security and data integrity to monitoring systems and staffing.  This in-depth look at the company’s business processes allows for a complete assessment of their environment and business unit/system support operations.  Click here to learn more...

Business Process Mapping – Mapping the processes in the current business provides a simple and effective way to identify opportunities for improving efficiency and effectiveness. Process mapping also provides a great springboard to simplify and speed up decision making and encourage everyone in each team to contribute to growing the company.


CIO and CTO Services – CSI offers contract experienced CIO and CTO services. Our clients know they can rely on us for expert technology strategy steering, management, project services, M&A discovery, planning and assessments.  

Outsourcing and Staffing – 
CSI provides experienced professionals for short-term projects, long-term engagements and for permanent placement. This flexibility is the key to successfully matching the proper resource with each specific requirement. CSI’s professional recruiters consistently deliver resources to supplement our client’s needs within their time and budget constraints.
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QMS/Document Management Implementation – Our team has experience with many of the industry leaders in QMS and Document Management.  They are vendor neutral and can assist with: user/business requirements, vendor RFP and selection, implementation project management, validation and user training. 

Validation – Our team can assist in all types of validation activates ranging from creating SOP to execution of IQ’s, OQ’s and PQ’s.  Call us to discuss your specific needs. 

Data Integrity – With the FDA putting more focus on Data Integrity in the coming year, our team can assist your organization in identifying gaps and assist in developing a remediation plan.  Call us to discuss your specific needs

Telephone System Implementation, Migration and Management –  Design, Migration, VoIP​​​​​​