Cutting-Edge Pharmaceutical IT Solutions

Why Choose CSI for Your Pharmaceutical IT Solutions?

CSI is a trusted IT services provider for the pharmaceutical industry, with over 20 years of experience. They have successfully delivered large-scale infrastructure projects for globally networked organizations and US startups. They are not only IT specialists but also have a deep understanding of pharmaceutical companies’ unique business and cultural requirements. Their notable clients include Pharmaceutical Associates Inc, Gattefosse, Edenbridge, Vyne Therapeutics, and others who have benefited from CSI’s tailored IT solutions.

Industry Expertise

CSI is a leading pharmaceutical solutions provider with over two decades of experience in the biotech industry.
They specialize in managing and implementing corporate-wide systems such as Electronic Quality and ERP Systems, LIMS, and more.
Beyond implementation, CSI offers valuable services such as discovery, gap analysis, and guidance on computer system validation, particularly data integrity compliance support and remediation.
As the FDA emphasizes data Integrity, CSI is well-equipped to identify gaps and execute comprehensive remediation plans for organizations.

Benefits of Our Pharmaceutical IT Solutions

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