Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the answers to the common questions about IT.

  • What services does CSI offer?
    CSI provides IT consulting services for multiple industries, specializing in Pharma/Biotech and small to mid-sized companies.
    Their services include IT systems transformation, implementation, support, security, and validation.

  • Why should I choose CSI as my IT consultant?
    CSI has over 20 years of experience in regulated systems, compliance, data integrity, and validation.
    Its team of seasoned technicians is knowledgeable about the latest cutting-edge technology.
    CSI aims to align technology solutions with business objectives and maintain the highest quality standards in its work.

  • What is CSI’s approach to IT consulting?
    CSI is a consulting firm specializing in providing technology solutions to businesses.
    They focus on equipping teams with the right tools to help them cost-effectively achieve their goals.
    Their solutions are tailored to align with the client’s business objectives.
    Additionally, they are committed to ensuring that client data and information are secure, accessible, and presented in a way that assists management in running the business.

  • Can CSI provide support for Computer System Validation and Data Integrity compliance?
    Absolutely. CSI can provide discovery, gap analysis, and guidance on Computer System Validation, including Data Integrity compliance support and remediation.

  • What sets CSI apart from larger consulting firms?
    Clients choose CSI for its staff’s exceptional expertise, which is on par with or even greater than that of larger consulting firms. The company also offers subject-area knowledge and experience.
    However, CSI provides these advantages at a much lower cost than larger consulting firms.
    Additionally, clients appreciate the immediate access and direct attention they receive from the consulting company’s principals, which ensures they never feel like just another client on an extensive roster.